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Selain menggunakan Box Flasher, kita juga bisa memanfaatkan software Phoenix untuk melakukan upgrade versi ponsel Nokia. Buat yang biasa melakukan flashing HP melalui Software Phoenix dan berniat untuk mencari file update terbarunya, silahkan download versi 2011.
Main component versions in the release:
-DK2 Driver Version
-Nokia Connectivity Cable USB Driver Version
-Flash Update Package 2011.004.000
-FLS-x Drivers Version 2.09.28
-FUSE Connection Manager v 2011.60.2
New Products added:
RM-779, RM-772, RM-774, RX-67, RM-743, RM-767, RM-768, RM-766, RH-130, RH-131, RM-769, RM-770, RM-771, RM-750, RM-751.

New features:
- New version of FUSE connection Manager.
- New version of Flash Update Package.
- New version of Autotuning components.
- New version of Product API.
- New version of Tucson components.
- DCT-4 tucson menu support added for RM-607, RM-608, RM-643 and RM-644 to enable DCT-4 product code changes.
- Envira -> Tool added to "Help" -> "Troubleshooting" -> menu. This tool enables log file collection in case of problems.

Phoenix Service Software | Size: 107 MB
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